Acceptable Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorder

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Acceptable Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety is an inevitable part of life in today’s society. It is important to understand that there are many life situations in which anxiety, stress, or a little fear is an appropriate and reasonable reaction. If you don’t ever feel any anxiety in response to everyday challenges, something may be wrong. In fact anxiety can, in some cases, be a positive thing. Good stress motivates and energizes, pushing you do your best work. A little fear may actually cause you to work harder and be more productive.

Anxiety disorders are distinguished from everyday, normal anxiety in that they involve anxiety/stress that is more intense (panic attacks), lasts longer (don’t go away after the stressful situation has passed), and  may lead to phobias and other life impairing issues. When this occurs, it is time to see a professional.

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