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Russell Hyken Russell Hyken, Ph.D.
Ed.S, M.A., LPC, NCC
Educational Diagnostician
Educational / Therapeutic-
Placement Specialist
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Services & Approach

Finding the answers, developing a plan

Russell Hyken specializes in education and psychotherapy for students ages 10 to 17 as well as young adults from 18 to 24. Essentially, he acts as a case manager for finding answers and developing a plan.

Proper diagnosis of any issue – no matter what the stage of development – is the first step toward your son or daughter’s path to success. Dr. Hyken has the testing and evaluation expertise to find the correct diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Hyken works with your family to determine the right path for your at-risk youth or troubled teen. Appropriate treatment will enable your adolescent to reach his or her full potential. Based on individual needs, treatment can include something as simple as advocacy for your child at his or her school or include a more complex and ongoing plan that involves psychotherapy services, alternative therapeutic placements and educational placements.

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