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Outdoor and Wilderness Programs

Outdoor programs, also known as wilderness therapy, are a unique alternative to longer-term residential adult treatments, therapeutic boarding schools or other treatment facilities.

Why Wilderness/Outdoor Programs?

An outdoor program, set in beautiful surroundings and far removed from modern daily distractions, is designed to enhance the physical and mental health of an adolescent through nature’s challenges.  In these programs, your troubled teen or young adult will work with trained experts specializing in counseling and “wilderness” therapy.  In addition to individual and group therapy, students participate in activities that help them recognize and build their own sense of self-worth as they learn the value of helping others.

How do you know which program is best for your adolescent?

There is a range of outdoor and wilderness program options available, but which one best suits the needs of your child?

Dr. Russell Hyken has the expertise to help your family choose a school or program that is a good personal match for the individual, a program that will foster social and emotional growth.  Dr. Hyken has extensive knowledge of and experience with the many outdoor and wilderness programs located regionally and nationwide.  He has ongoing relationships with a host of expertly-trained, licensed psychologists, social workers and professional counselors who specialize in outdoor and wilderness programs to ensure that the best quality care is provided.  He will also assist with admissions, interventions and transportation arrangements, while providing on-going support during the entire process.

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