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Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Finding complete answers

When it comes to your adolescent, it’s hard to separate fact from emotion. Often times, parents can’t find complete answers within the educational system. Schools are designed with specific learning profiles, and if your student doesn’t fit into that profile, they may struggle.

So for many children, school can be a frustrating experience and a source of family tension. In these situations, it’s important to have an advocate for your child, while at the same time helping you, the parent, determine the best course of action for that child.

Comprehensive Evaluations

EPS offers comprehensive educational evaluations performed by an educational consultant that get to the heart of the matter by first identifying how a student processes information and then pinpointing individual learning issues. Is your student gifted? Is your student learning disabled? Or is your student unmotivated? The EPS evaluation process results in specific recommendations that are designed to guide students to educational improvement.

Educational evaluations are appropriate not only for young children but are also helpful for high school and college students. Some students find that while they did not struggle in elementary school, their high school years are presenting new challenges and learning difficulties. EPS’ educational testing provides strategies to assist these students and help them reach their maximum potential.

Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Hyken will determine the best course of action for that individual. Whether it is psychotherapy, educational placement, therapeutic placement, or another more complex therapy service, Dr. Hyken will work with each family on an individual basis to determine the right path for your at-risk youth or troubled teen.

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