Therapeutic Program Placement

When you know there’s a problem, there is a path to recovery.

Serious mental health problems or addiction issues may require a more intensive treatment regimen than can be achieved with routine outpatient therapy. Dr. Hyken helps individuals of all ages find the best treatment in the country. Tough decisions about residential treatment programs can leave a family feeling hopeless, helpless and in need of guidance. Dr. Hyken leads families through the intervention, helps select the best-suited program and maintains ongoing monitoring, counseling, and family consulting throughout the placement and beyond.


Dr. Hyken is an experienced therapeutic consultant. He has relationships with the best therapeutic schools, drug and alcohol rehab facilities, and young adult transition programs across the country. Dr. Hyken will help choose a program that is best suited to each individual, for students to accomplish academic and social-emotional growth and for adults to achieve success in life.

  • Residential Adult Centers and Interventions
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
  • Wilderness Programs
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

With his firsthand experience and individualized attention, Dr. Hyken will help narrow the possibilities and provide recommendations for specific schools, treatment facilities or wilderness programs. He will also assist with admissions and transportation arrangements, and he will provide ongoing support throughout the entire process.

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Intervention Services

A collaborative approach: influencing individuals to begin their journey to health and recovery.

Interventions are not only for addicts but also for anyone with serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, hoarding behaviors, or anyone who needs their life interrupted to avoid further spiraling out of control.

It is time for an intervention for your loved one when one or more of the following statements are true:

  • Family members experience emotional distress because of a drug and/or alcohol problem or a mental health issue.
  • The family experiences financial hardships because of drug and/or alcohol problem or a mental health issue.
  • Family and friends lie to cover up the ill person’s drug and/or alcohol problem or mental health issue.
  • Family and friends are repeatedly embarrassed because of a drug and/or alcohol problem or mental health issue.
  • Things have become so bad that you feel you need to leave a loved one because of his or her drug and/or alcohol problem or mental health issue.

Dr. Hyken coordinates every step of the process, from assembling the intervention team to facilitating the intervention meeting and coordinating transportation to the treatment facility, if necessary.

What sets Dr. Hyken apart from most interventionists is his clinical expertise and extensive knowledge of programs, treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, drug and alcohol rehab centers and other options for therapeutic placement.

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