Individualized Approach + Concierge Services

We offer an individualized approach to therapy and healing and provide guidance and consistency.

Russell Hyken specializes in psychoeducational assessment and psychotherapy for individuals ages ten years to adult.

Proper assessment of any issue—no matter what stage of development—is the first step on the path to success. Dr. Hyken has the testing and evaluation expertise to find the correct diagnosis.

Dr. Hyken works with your family to determine the most effective treatment to enable your loved one to reach his or her full potential. Based on individual needs, treatment may range from advocacy for your child at school to an ongoing plan that involves psychotherapy services, alternative therapeutic program placements, intervention, or psychoeducational assessments.

Dr. Hyken understands that family crisis often can’t be resolved in normal office hours or settings. The Educational + Psychotherapy concierge approach to therapy may include telephone, FaceTime or Skype sessions, extended and weekend hours, and e-mail and text consulting. 

Therapeutic Program Placement
Psychoeducational Evaluation
Psychotherapy + Coaching
Wilderness Therapy Programs