Psychotherapy + Coaching

Helping clients of all ages and abilities achieve happier, healthier lives.

At Educational + Psychotherapy Services, Dr. Russell Hyken offers therapy for both individuals and families. He works in a uniquely collaborative setting with clients to identify issues and create specific treatment plans. This joint effort allows the client to be fully engaged in the process.


Psychotherapy can also take place in an educational setting or therapeutic facility. Dr. Hyken has relationships with caregivers at schools and programs across the country and maintains an ongoing dialogue to ensure that the best quality care is provided.

Educational + Psychotherapy Services incorporates creative solutions to meet each client’s needs within time restraints. Sessions can take place in such nontraditional formats as phone calls, texts, e-mails, or even Skype and FaceTime conferences.

Therapeutic Coaching

Dr. Hyken’s therapeutic coaching services are tailored to each individual and can include daily contact when necessary. Clients of all ages and life stages, from students and parents to adolescents and young adults, can benefit from Dr. Hyken’s personalized approach. Coaching takes a step beyond traditional psychotherapy to help clients reach their goals and progress forward with life by addressing the underlying causes of the behaviors that are holding them back.

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