Sexual Risk Assessment

Dr. Hyken offers comprehensive sexual risk assessment (SRA) for 10 – 18-year-old males and females. An SRA is the process of identifying the probability or likelihood of future dangerous, compulsive, high risk, and/or harmful sexual behaviors. An SRA is concerned with predicting the degree of possibility of a sexual re-offense for someone with a known history of sexually offending or who has difficulty managing their sexual behaviors.

When determining the client’s risk, Dr. Hyken engages with the individual, family, and relevant professionals so that he may understand the client’s contextual circumstance which is an essential component of determining future risky and dangerous behaviors. When clinically appropriate, Dr. Hyken can also administer neuropsychological assessments to better understand how one’s cognitive abilities can influence their behaviors and personality/behavioral questionnaires to evaluate how one’s mood can affect their ability to manage their behavior.

Finally, Dr. Hyken will work with families to find the best possible treatment options and support for the child.

* It is important to also keep in mind that an assessment of risk is not a statement of certainty that an individual will or will not sexually reoffend or engage in further problematic sexual behavior. An SRA measures the “likelihood” of reoffence utilizing best practice measures.

sexual risk image