Teen Parenting- Celebrating Holidays with Divorced Parents

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Teen Parenting- Celebrating Holidays with Divorced Parents

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Holidays are tricky times for divorced families. For parents, it can be troublesome knowing your teen is enjoying special moments with the other parent. For your teen, a juggled schedule between families can be very disruptive and disheartening.

Despite the challenges that come with celebrating holidays in a split family, these tips can help ensure that your family still enjoys a wonderful holiday season:

Successful scheduling. Consider what events are most important and respect that teens may have special requests, such as attending certain family parties or continuing a long-standing family tradition. Map it out and see what works.

Give well wishes and be fully supportive to your teen when he is with the other side of the family. Saying you miss him might be misunderstood and make him feel guilty for not being with you.  Ask about his plans for the day and be sure to tell him to enjoy it!

Think creatively when it comes to gifts. If possible, collaborate with your ex so as to avoid duplicate gifts.  Or, consider splitting high cost items to show that both parents can come together for the good of your child.

Finally, create new memories so that the old ones aren’t missed. It’s about starting anew and coming up with fresh, new memories that your child can always look fondly back upon.