Teens, Technology, and Social Networking

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Teens, Technology, and Social Networking

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I recently sat in with the Phillips & Company St. Louis Morning Show on Y98 FM. The topic was how parents should manage their teenager’s Web interaction in light of new and ever changing technologies like Skype and iChat. These latest forms of social networking are becoming more and more popular with teens and young adults. In fact, video calls are the modern day party line where teens can both see and hear each other. What is a parent to do?

Teenagers will always understand computers much better than any adult. Consider reversing the roles a bit and asking your teenager to show you how to use the latest technologies. This is a great way to connect with your kids and learn something new.

Most of the adult population will never understand computers they way our kids do. Ask for their help, and embrace the time you are spending with your teens. Kids don’t go online; they ARE online 24/7 because technology is part of their everyday lives.

To hear more about this topic, check out my radio appearance by clicking on the following link: Listen to Russell .