Teen Parenting – Texting

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Teen Parenting – Texting

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Texting has been in the news as kids head back to school.  The NBC Today Show did a feature story about a rather graphic commercial related to the hazards of teen texting while driving. I think it makes a big statement, but some critics also think the ad is a bit over the top. What do you think? What the video.

Another story on an NBC affiliate reports that teen “sexting” is so out of control in a Texas school district that school officials have developed disciplinary consequences for this inappropriate act. “Sexting” is when kids send inappropriately suggestive pictures to each other. View the story.

Make sure you know how your kids are using their cell phones. If you would like to read up on some strategies and ideas for discussing proper cellular/texting use with you teenagers, I have a great article and TV interview clip on my media page.