Five Things Your Teen Won’t Tell You

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Five Things Your Teen Won’t Tell You

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Here are five things your teen won’t tell you – or won’t tell you nicely. In fact they may even speak cryptically or grunt and assume telling you doesn’t “really” do any good.

Teens resent that you go through their stuff in their rooms, back packs, or coat pockets. Provide your kids with warnings about what you need so you won’t have to search. Unless there is a real reason to invade their privacy–let them have space.

They May Be Dating
Many parents say no to dating until a certain age. Here is the thing, if a teen wants to spend time with the opposite sex, they will. Parents should develop a relaxed attitude that fosters open communication. That way, when your teen does become interested in dating, you will be able to discuss and know who they are with and what they are doing.

Many good students may not get good grades on every assignment. Sometimes that “A” student skips an assignment or brings home a low grade because they just need a break. Parents should avoid getting annoyed and/or expressing disappointment. It is only a problem when it occurs perpetually.

Don’t Hold Siblings Accountable
Nothing gripes an older sibling more than to seeing his younger sister get away with something for which he was punished. Hold the younger ones accountable! You don’t have to have the same consequences, but the rules should generally apply to all. For example, NO Cussing!

Using Age to Your Parental Advantage
“You are 16, so act like an adult.” Then you say, “you are too young to do ________.” Make up your mind. Age appropriateness is subjective, so don’t give your kids hard and fast rules that are based on age. Instead have reasonable guidelines that make sense such as take your dishes to the sink after dinner.

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